bullet No fish under 5 lbs will be accepted for the Board.
bullet All fish must be caught either by game rod or hand held line.
bullet All fish must be caught by trolling with the exception of sharks on non-tournament days or as specified by the committee.
bullet All boats participating in a tournament may not leave its home port before midnight on the day of the tournament unless otherwise specified by the committee.
bullet No non-members are permitted on board any boat participating in a tournament otherwise automatic disqualification will result.
bullet Any Fish caught by a non-member will not be eligible for consideration by the club.
bullet Registration for tournaments can be made at any time by the boat captains with any member of the committee or another boat crew until 2400 hours on the eve of the tournament. The tournament registration fee is $20.00. This fee is set at the Annual General Meeting each year.
bullet At time of registration boat captains must advice their intended destination and number of people on board.
bullet Once a boat has registered for tournament, it must deregister whether it went out or not and whether it caught fish or not. Failure to do so may result in an unnecessary search.
bullet Where the club cannot obtain sponsorship for a tournament, the total prize monies for the tournament shall be half of the registration fees received.
bullet Weigh-in shall be at 1700 hours on the day of the tournament unless otherwise specified by the committee.
bullet No late weig-in will be accepted UNLESS:
A boat is working a large fish. Other boats should be advised by radio and confirm the situation if possible.
When a tournament boat is involved in a rescue situation
Mechanical breakdown which is verfied by another boat.
bullet All boat owners joining the club shall submit to the committee details of their boat on a form obtainable from the club secretary and obtain a copy of the club rules at the same time.
bullet Boat points for tournaments are allocated as listed below:
1st -10 points
2nd - 6 points
3rd - 4 points
4th - 3 points
5th - 2 points
6th - 1 point
bullet In the event of a tie, then both boats will receive the same points.