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The Betio Game Fishing Club was formed to promote recreational fishing in Kiribati and provide a competitive avenue for members to fish.



The Club will be managed by a committee of three, consisting of :

Secretary / Treasurer
Weight Master

The committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting held on the first day of January each year. Committee positions will be subject to requirements by members and will be decided at the Annual General Meeting. A quorum is two committee members and three ordinary members.




The committee can call a meeting should they consider it necessary.
Meetings can be called provided at least 5 members wish to do so.



Membership requires the approval of the committee and payment of an annual membership fee. Membership consists of:

Single:  $ 30.00
Family:  $ 50.00 (husband, wife and children up until their 18th birthday).

Membership Fees will be set at the Annual General meeting each year.