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The Board

Type of Catch Weight lb Caught by Date Boat Previous Remark
Marlin 104 Norm Lieven   Nei Teang    
Sailfish 70.5 Cliff Farr   Maverick    
Wahoo 56 Warren Farr   Maverick    
Barracuda 39 Warren Farr   Maverick    
Mahi Mahi 30 Tom Tameta   Nei Belinda    
Yellofin Tuna 83 Mike Savings   -    
Dogtooth Tuna 23.5 Dr. John Moore   Nei Teang    
Skipjack Tuna 13.5 Teang Lieven   Nei Teang    
Trevally 60.5 Cliff Farr   Maverick    
Shark 67 Warren Farr   Maverick    
Mackerel Tuna 3 Debbie Middax   Mango Madnes    
Rainbow Runner 18 Warren Farr   Maverick    


Weigh Master  
Flag Officer  
Secretary Bill Lambton


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