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Kiribati Towards Year 2000
Where Time begins, Where North meet South and East meet West.

Dear Valued Customers

Kam na bane ni Mauri ao Tekeraoi naba n te Ririki ae Boou.

It is extremely important that every one of you learn by heart the opening phrase above.   The phrase is now a password to open this file or the Next Kiribati Newsletter.   To shut it down, the conclusion statement is there for you, ok?

In this newsletter I will discuss Kiribati stamp issues from last year and brief you on our new Stamp releases this year.  But first, let me convey the Bureau's Warm 1999 Greetings to those who have just joined our existing customers from 1998.  Also a special thank you, to all the Senior Citizens of the Kiribati Philatelic Bureau, or those who have been with us for a very long time.  As I have always said, it is true that without you all, we would not be the same.  You all know that you are the reason for the Kiribati Philatelic Bureau's existence, so do not be afraid or shy to share your ideas with us for the betterment of the Bureau.

1998 Stamp Issues.

As you all know, the stamps program last year comprised six super issues.  All the stamps brought lots of smiling faces to those who completed their 1998 collections, while tears to those who have missed any of the 1998 sets.  To satisfy all of the Bureau's valued customers, the sales period has been extended to one year.  I know, this may sound ridiculous but the quantities printed are limited and the Bureau will soon run out of stock.  I recommend that you place your order right now otherwise you will be one of those victims who never get a fair share and possess fewer stamp sets of Kiribati.   Just try your luck but please, do not be offended if we are unable to supply your additional requirements.

My apologies, for extending the sales period on Kiribati issues but the issuing policy must be reviewed and upgraded as we see fit.  To compensate for this minor change, I will make sure to deep the quantity and price as low as possible and confirm to one and all that there will be no future reprints. Once the issue runs out, that's the end of it.   So, what you must do is be smart and respond promptly when new issues are released.

Stamp Issues-1999

In order to maintain the reputation of Kiribati with new stamp issues, the Kiribati Philatelic Bureau will again be releasing only five to six issues this year.  All the stamps are new, as none of the past issues will be over printed.

Australia Expo '99

This is the first issue for Kiribati this year and will be released in a souvenir sheet format with a face value of only AUD$2-00.  This stamp will focus all our attention and imagination to the 24 December 1777, when the skipper of HMS Resolution, Captain James Cook sighted and Landed on Christmas Island now known as KIRITIMATI.  According to my research there are two Christmas Islands on this planet and I understand that both islands are blessed, as they were discovered within a few hours of the anniversary of the brith of Christ.  Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean is rich of phosphate while tourists to Christmas Island in Kiribati always starve to make what seems impossible, possible.   There are no direct flights from the main Island, Tarawa, to Kiritimati but those Yankee Fishing Maniacs always catch the plane down from Honolulu, Hawaii every week just to fish on the Island.  Anyway, I need not to discuss further on this issue, as I know you have received your fair share of this historical issue and technical details.


Kiribati will be represented by Crown Agents at IBRA '99 (World Stamp Exhibition) to be held in Germany from the 27th April to 4th May.
A stamp will be issued in a set of four stamps plus souvenir sheet with a total face value of set $2.10 and $3 souvenir sheet.
The stamps feature the Northern Shoveler and Green-Winged Teal - two commonly occurring ducks through out Kiribati.
Technical details have not yet been received, but the release date is planned for 27th April and the quantities to be printed are as follows:

Sets     25c x 20,000 To cater for new domestic Postal rate
            50c x 10,000
            65c x 10,000
            75c x 10,000
S/Sheet $3 x  5,000
FDC              2,000

The remaining issues that will form part of 1999 Stamp program are:

1)  30th Anniversary of Moon Landing / APOLLO 11part two

Of course Kiribati had no involvement in this event, but to express her support and respect for the great achievement of mankind 30 years ago, Kiribati is proud to present you the voyage of astronaut Neil Armstrong, Adrian Buzz and two other astronauts on their famous Space Ship  APOLLO 11.

2)  20th Anniversary of Independent / Millennium 2
To mark both interesting and historical occasions The Bureau will co-ordinate a set of stamp designs that will incorporate the 20th Anniversary of Independence and Kiribati Millennium issue 11.

The set will consist of four stamps and a souvenir sheet:

1)25c First dawn of year 2000 on Caroline Island now known as Millennium Island.   (The first in the world to see the sun rise in the new millennium)

2)60c Kiribati EEZ highlighting the International date line and the new date line specify by the Kiribati government.

3)75c The Island of Nikumaroro known as Gardner Island

4) $1 Portrait of an inernationally known aviator, Amelia Earhart. 

5)Souvenir Sheet highlighting the routes of Amelia Earhart.

Christmas 1999 / 125th Anniversary of UPU
(Universal Postal Union)
We all know that Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year placing a heavy demand on the Postal system.  This year Christmas issue will be one of our best.  The propose designs will features the past. present and the future handling of the mails.Also to commemorate the 125 anniversary of theUPU

1998 album
I must admit that the 1997 Year Pack was not as good as we might have hoped as it was produced just like any ordinary presentation pack.  I believe the 1998 Album, which will be released sometime in May, 1999 will be far more professional as it will accommodate short descriptions of each issues plus technical details.  Front cover design is the Kiribati Emblem while back page design features the upgrading of Betio Port, in Tarawa presently being constructed by Dai Nippon of Japan.
The quantity to be printed is 1000 only and cost of one Year Pack will be between AUD$15 - AUD$20.  Final decision is when Album production costs have been received.

News in Brief:
The Kiribati Philatelic Bureau will be renamed "Kiribati Stamp Bureau" on 12 July, as part of the 20th Anniversary of Independence celebration and preparations towards the new Millennium.  Decisions regarding staff and management will soon be finalized by the Permanent Secretary of the Mother Ministry and had a stong feeling that someone from the secretaries line (Assistant Secretary or Senior Assistant Secretary) will re-assigned as new Boss or Caretaker before one or I am officially appointed.

Web Site
At this point in time, the Kiribati Philatelic Bureau wishes to announce it new IDD line that connects the Bureau to the Internet.  Anyone who wishes to surf our web site may do so by end of May at the following address :- .  This is good news to all of you as you can now place your order via email, the address is :

In my previous newsletters, I always mentioned that there is a good fortune in collecting Kiribati Stamps and the word "PAYBACK TIME" is a result from those world scientists' claims that there will be a GREENHOUSE effect.  So what happen when Kiribati vanishes.  Everyone should realize that Kiribati stamps would be valuable and will surely dominate the market.  Its seems that Payback time will be sooner than expected as with this Millennium Issue, Kiribati will step ahead and into the future and be recognized and respected by all that the people and the Nation will soon face its moment of Glory.   On 12 July every I-Kiribati will celebrate the Country's 20th Anniversary of Independence .  Even though the main celebration is here on Tarawa, surely the Children of Kiribati elsewhere will gather and join hands together to celebrate this important date.  Again on 1 January 2000, the whole world will be watching and witnessing the first miracle of the new Millennium when Kiribati will be the first country to welcome and celebrate the first dawn of the new Millennium. 
If you wish to be part ot the main events I must warn you that a visit  to Kiribati is more like a visit to HEAVEN or a journey to the Center of the World.  AS you all know, Kiribati is where gods and goddesses of the north, south, east and west meet.  I am 100% sure that the spirit of Nareau and the rest of the gods and goddesses from the Four Corners of the world will always greet you with a smiling face from your day one on the Island till you return.

To conclude this newsletter, I would like to extend my Sincere and Personal Best Wishes to one and all in this New Year and until then, Kam bati n raba n orngorami ao Tia manga boo moa.

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