Prince William


Technical Details




ORDER FORM FOR Prince William
Price AU$ Description
.25c Kensington Palace 1983
.60c Italy 1985
.75c Christmas Sandringham
$1.00 Balmoral 1997
$2.60 Set (4 values)
$5.20 Gutter Pair (2 sets)
$10.40 Block (4 sets)
$3.70 First Day Cover
$7.40 Gutter Pair First Day Cover



Technical Details
Designer Borders by Andrew Ribinson
Photograph .60c Alpha Photograph. All others Tim Graham
Printer Cartor Security Printing
Process Lithography
Stamp Size 31.75 x 31.75 mm
Sheet Format 50 (2x25)
Perforation Gauge 13 per 2cms
Paper CA Watermarked
Release Date 24th July 2000
Values .25c, .60c, .75c, $1.00
Design All with his father HRT The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles)


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